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Soccer: A Middle Eastern and North African Battlefield

In Battlefield in Gabriel Duettler and Boris Hagis (eds.) Ultras: Eine Fankultur im Spannungsfeld unterschiedlicher Subkulturen, Bielefeld, Germany: Transcript 2016

'Ultras' is considered to be the fastest growing youth-oriented subculture in Germany - what distinguishes it and how can it be classified in relation to other subcultures? In this basic work, the ultra phenomenon is processed and scientifically questioned in the context of subculture theory. The focus is on interdependencies with other subcultures such as hip-hop, punk and graffiti. Interviews with members of the scene or established experts (including Jan-Henrik Gruszecki, Sven Brux, James M. Dorsey and Kai Tippmann), which complement the analyzes of the respective subculture, ensure the authenticity and scene proximity of the volume.

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