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Sep 02, 2022
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When you select MyCareer mode in NBA 2K23 you can go directly to the NBA team of your choice. However, in this year's backstory, everyone will hate you. “Everyone in The City,” the hub world that MyCareer shares with other modes, “and all the pundits, everyone wanted [your team] to draft this player named Shep. Shep Owens,” Boenisch said, adding another name to MyCareer’s pantheon of frenemy NPCs. “So instantly, you get on stage, and [NBA Commissioner] Adam Silver’s got to shake your hand and the entire audience is booing. They don’t like you right from the jump. “They wanted Shep; Shep is the college star, he’s the flashy guy, he’s the athletic guy, he’s the charismatic guy,” Boenisch continued. “And you’ll find that as soon as you go out into The City, the people of The City wanted Shep, too.” The writers and producers at Visual Concepts have earned my trust that they can complete this project. NBA 2K's career story is undoubtedly the best-written and best-performed of any console sports simulation game. It was risky, just like NBA 2K19 was sent to the G-League from China to rebuild his career. NBA 2K20 steered clear of college licensing because the developers wanted to tell the story of a college player who quit his program after an injured friend lost his scholarship. I hope NBA 2K23's MyCareer will have the same half-joking, "Better Off Dead"-style humor and the motivation to prove them all wrong. When we enter MyCareer mode we need to build a player of our own. If you want to complete this build faster, you can buy some NBA 2K23 MT from U4GM, which will not only speed up our player build but also speed up the upgrade process.
Everyone Hates You In NBA 2K23 MyCareer content media


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